PVC-U shows very good characteristics in the temperature range from 0° to +60°C. Ensuring highest possible thermal stability and chemical resistance PVC-U systems stand up to the most demanding conditions, particularly where media such as acids, alkalis, bases and salts are transported. The universal solution covers all aspects of safety, efficiency and reliability required to build, maintain and operate industrial piping systems.

Pipes Transparent
Pipes Dekadur
Elbow 45Deg
Elbow 90Deg
Elbow 90Deg Profit
Elbow 90Deg Female Threaded
Bend 90Deg Short Pattern
Bend 90Deg
Tee Equal 90Deg
Tee Equal 90Deg Female Threaded Low Pressure
Tee Equal 90Deg Female Threaded
Tee Reducing 90Deg
Tee Equal 90Deg Profit
Tee 45Deg
Cross PVC U
Adaptor Socket
Barrel Nipple
Adaptor Bush Male Threaded
Adaptor Nipple
Adaptor Socket Female Threaded Low Pressure
Adaptor Socket Female Threaded
Adapor Socket Nipple Male Threaded
Adaptor Victaulic
Reducing Bush Long
Reducing Bush Profit
Reducing Bush Short
Reducing Bush Female Threaded Short
Reducing Bush Female Threaded
Reducing Bush Male female Threaded
End Blank PPH
Flange adaptor Combined Jointing Flash Flat End Serrated
Flange Adaptor Combined Jointing Face With Oing Grove
Fixed Flang Jointing Face Serrated
Fixed Flange Combined Jointing Face Flate And Serrated
Backing Flange PP GF JIS
Backing Flange PP Steel
Baking Flange PPV
Backing Flange PVC U
Backing Flange Undrilled PVC U
Backing Flange Drilled PVC U
Backing Flange PVC U Jointing Face Serrated
Socket Equal PVC U Transparent
Branch Saddle
Repair Saddle
Tapping Saddle With Integral Cutter
Gasket Flat EPDM
Hose Connector
Hose Connector Reduced
Pipe Clip
Pipe Spacer