Pipe PPR & Accessories

Pipe PPR has been designed and produced as a piping system for hot and cold water supply as well as for heating applications.

Pipes - For Hot & Cold Water
Socket Fusion
Elbow 45Deg Socket Fusion
Elbow 90Deg Socket Fusion
Elbow 45Deg Male Female Socket Fusion
Elbow 90Deg Male Female Socket Fusion
Bend 90Deg Socket Fusion
Tee Equal Socket Fusion
Tee Reduced Socket Fusion
Elbow 90Deg Male Female Socket Fusion
Elbow Three Way 90Deg Socket Fusion
Reducing Bush Male Female Socket Fusion
Cap Socket Fusion
Saddle Spigot Socket Fusion
Saddle Spigot Threaded Female
Coupling Female Threaded
Coupling Female Threaded For Connection
Coupling Male Threaded
Coupling Male Threaded
Elbow Threaded Female 90Deg
Elbow Threaded Male 90Deg
Elbow Threaded Female 90Deg With Bracket
Elbow Threaded Male 90Deg With Bracket
Elbow Threaded Female 90Deg With Spigot
Elbow 90Deg For Metal Taper Threaded
Tee Threaded Female
Tee Threaded Male
Three Way Threaded Female 90Deg
Three Way Threaded Male 90Deg
Flange Adaptor Socket Fusion
Union Adaptor Socket-Socket
Union Adaptor Threaded Male Socket Fusion
Union Adaptor For Metal Taper Threaded
Manifold Socket Fusion
Swan Neck Socket Fusion
Swan Neck Narrow Socket Fusion
Swan NeckNarrow F-F Socket Fusion
Repairing Hole Plug
Hole Mander
Socket Electric
Ball Valve With Lever
Ball Valve With Handle
Ball Valve
Handle And Covering Tube And Plate
Covering Tube And Plate
Stop Cock With Handle
Stop Cock Tap
Stop Cock Body
Stop Cock Handle
Stop Cock Extention
Electronic Bench Socket Welding Machine
Socket Welder Complete
Socket Welder Standard
Heating Tools Set For Saddle
Bench Holder
Pipe Cutter
Cutting Nippers
Milling Cutter For Saddle With Spigot
Chamfering And Peeling Tools
Pipe Clamp