Level Measurement 2290 Non-Contacting Radar
Accessories For 2290
Point Level Detection Vibration 2280 Swing Fork - PBT Enclosure, Relay Output
Point Level Detection Vibration 2280 Swing Fork, Cable Din Connector
Point Level Detection Vibration 2280 WHG Vibration Fork Switch
Point Level Detection 2281 Multipoint Switch, 1 OR 2 SPDT Relay, 2-4 Electrodes
Point Level Detection 2282 Guided Float Switch, Reed Contact Cable, PP PVDF
Point Level Detection 2284 Ultrasonic Gap Switch, Relay Output, PPS Body
Point Level Detection 2285 Float Switch, NO NC, PP Body
Ultrasonic level Sensor Type 2270, Continous Measuring, Blind version, 4-20 MA Hart Output
Ultrasonic Level Transmitter Type 2260, Continuous Measuring, Display Version, 4-20 MA Hart Relay Output
Hydrostatic Type 2250 For Level And Depth Control
Hydrostatic Signet Pressure Integral System With 9900 Transmitter
2291 Contacting Radar